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The most common things affected by a rear end collision are the taillights and fenders. Your rear bumper and your trunk will also most likely see some damage as well. Other parts of the car that could experience damage during a rear end collision include the frame of the car and the tires. The extent of damage as well as how much damage has occurred will play a factor in the overall price to have your vehicle repaired. If there was significant damage to the frame of the car, yet it is isolated to one area on the car, then the cost of auto body repair may not be quite as extensive compared to the whole frame being damaged.
Sometimes the extent of the damage from a rear end collision is only on the bumper of the car and merely cosmetic. This is always good news to the car owner, because it means the only work needing to be done is purely cosmetic. This lowers the wait time and significantly reduces the amount needed for auto body repair, meaning car and driver can get back onto the road sooner.
With the vast amount of parts working together throughout the rear of your vehicle, it’s important to not only have your car inspected by a professional auto body repair facility, but also by a reputable one. The facility performing the repairs on your vehicle should have knowledgeable staff who are trained to perform the type of service your vehicle needs. Many times vehicle owners will get quotes from a number of facilities in order to determine which one they want to choose. This can help save money for repairs, but only if the facility has reputable skilled technicians working on the vehicle.

Date:June 16th, 2018


Category:Rear end Impact